Monday, October 11, 2010


Go ahead and give it a try. you will be satisfied.
The rule is great easy.
Only touch and slide blocks from side to side.
connect 3 blocks of same color on all sides.

Already landed blocks? Never give up hope.
If there is space than, already landing blocks can move.

Blocks are endlessiy fall down.
You are so busy that you don't have time to take a break.
Know and improve your high score.(with openfeint)

Enjoy 3 mode : beginner, intermediate, master


  1. Damn , So Bad Website For An Awesome Game

  2. I have purchased over $25 in power ups and I never get a response from emails I send. And payments were verified through gmail why can't your purchases be backed up when the game is connected through my Google games like on every other game that links to google games! I want all of my money back! Or my $25+ in credits

  3. Please create restored purchases option. Spent money so my kids could hit homeruns, game started crashing, reloaded. Lost everything. No restore purchases option. No response to emails.

  4. I need HELP!! I had this game saved to my SD card and my phone all of a sudden one day wanted to format and I already did that so my phone had a little mess up and the game got deleted even though I did not format the card it took it upon itself to format it the card anyways and the game pretty much got erased well I had spent over $50 on getting the golden bat in the power ups and I was in the major leagues everything on this game I really like this game and I really want my credits or the stuff I bought and I really need help I have sent too many emails with no response and I just really need help please help me with this I've tried to contact Google and they said to contact the developer I have tried several times so if the developer is reading this please help me please my email is Thank you